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[Blu-ray Review] Find Your Happy Place In ‘Escape From Tomorrow’



Escape From Tomorrow, the movie made “illegally” at Disney World, is now on blu-ray. While the film could be viewed as a commentary on corporate oppression, the true horrific tale within is about a common everyday occurrence: a midlife crisis.

Jim is the average American husband, with the average American wife, son and daughter. The film starts with the family at the happiest place on earth, Disney World. Yet in stark contrast, the most unhappy of things is happening – Jim gets a phone call. He has lost his job. From this point on, Jim spirals into his debilitating mental state while surrounded by the Magic Kingdom. He begins to see devilish faces on not just the overly happy animatronics in famous rides but his own family, ends up cheating on his wife with a nut-job woman who has an evil queen personality disorder, lusts after young teenage girls, and drinks the way only a younger version of himself could handle. He is simply trying to find his happy place with little success.

Escape From Tomorrow never delves fully into the horror genre outside of this psychological profile Jim projects as he wanders around the amusement park with his family. There is a mention of “Cat Flu” that is going around, and while this plot device halfway plays out, it ultimately lacks the substance to gain any footing in the story overall. The main focus is how the movie was filmed – which was more or less the actors and crew infiltrating the park and setting up shots as quickly and quietly as they could. There are jarring moments when a green screen is obviously used, but overall, the praise the film gets for having actually been made, is more or less deserved. It isn’t the underground, raw revolutionary masterpiece that it is talked up to be – there is obvious money behind the production – but to accomplish what they accomplish without being sued is a bit remarkable.

The Escape From Tomorrow blu-ray looks and sounds nice. Being black and white, the movie never appears to be anything but crisp (except for the green screen moments). The musical score is probably the best accomplishment – as it is all original yet fits seamlessly with Disney. These aspects are all discussed in the ‘Making Of’ bonus included on the disc. There are also a commentary with a nice twist as the two main actors are in character. Along with this, a trailer and poster gallery are included.