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Got a Horror Screenplay? Draw Some “New Blood”!



I see a lot of you guys talking in the comments about horror movies you don’t like and how you could write a better script, and maybe you’re right! So here’s your chance to prove it! This sounds like a horror contest with its heart in the right place. I know a few of the judges and they’re legit and have good taste, so you could do worse than getting your eyes in front of them.

Stage 32 and The Bloodlist have teamed up another contest by the name of New Blood. As organizer Kailey Marsh tells us, “There is a big need and want for dark genre material in the market place right now. I see ‘New Blood’ as a good vetting system for scripts by up and coming writers, and as a natural extension of the Blood List.’

In the contest, “3 unrepresented writers are given a chance to be featured in a section on The Blood List called NEW BLOOD. In addition, the winner of the contest will be flown to Los Angeles to have a one on meeting with an Richard Potter, EVP of relativity, as well as chat with select judges.

Those judges include Adrienne Biddle (Unbroken), Nick Phillips (Revolver Picture Co.), Richard Potter (Relativity) Beth Bruckner (Millennium), Dave Neustadter (New Line Cinema), Trevor Macy (Intrepid Pictures), Adam Stone (Vertigo Entertainment), Ben Shields Catlin (IM Global), Ainsley Davies (Chris Morgan Productions), Garrick Dion (Bold Films), Carly Norris (The Allegiance Theater),Adi Shankar (1984 Defense Contractors) and Bailey Conway (Automatik).

The Stage 32 / The Blood List Search for New Blood screenwriting contest can be found on the Stage 32 Happy Writers section of Stage 32 as well as The Bloodlist .

You can also follow the new contest at @NewBloodContest, Stage 32 and @TheBloodlist.