'State of Decay: Lifeline' DLC Released Today - Bloody Disgusting
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‘State of Decay: Lifeline’ DLC Released Today



Craving some steamy human-on-zombie action? Of course you are, and developer Undead Labs knows this. That’s why they’ve released their State of Decay: Lifeline expansion a full month earlier than expected. Because they know what happens when the gamer hordes go too long without a new zombie game to devour. It isn’t pretty.

For the uninitiated, Lifeline is the second expansion for the zombie survival game State of Decay — this time around we get to experience the initial outbreaks that caused the zombie apocalypse from the military’s perspective as they struggle to contain the situation.

If you have the base game and $6.99 in disposable income, you can grab Lifeline now on PC and XBLA. You can also check out its debut trailer below.



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