Lots of Folks in Florida Pirated 'Outlast Whistleblower' - Bloody Disgusting
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Lots of Folks in Florida Pirated ‘Outlast Whistleblower’



It’s no secret that people love pirating stuff. If you don’t do it yourself, you undoubtedly know someone who does. Real estate blog Movoto has taken the time to sift through the data and break it down for us with colorful pictures that detail which games, movies and TV shows were pirated the most in the U.S. over the last 40 days. When it comes to video games, the popularity of some — like Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Elder Scrolls — isn’t all that surprising. What I did find surprising is how popular some recent indie horror releases seem to be lately.

In Florida, the most pirated game is Outlast Whistleblower, in Ohio, it’s Among the Sleep, and in Rhode Island, it’s The Forest. I’m entirely against pirating stuff like this, but the point of this post isn’t for me to go on some moral escapade, but as a horror fan who would like to see developers continue to make great horror games, I found this a bit disheartening.

All three of those games are indie releases, great ones too, that came from developers that could really use the money. There’s also the fact that, unlike most of the other games on that chart, none of them cost more than $20. The folks in these three states have good taste, but they’re also pretty cheap.




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