Another Batch of Screens Surface from the Remastered 'Resident Evil' Remake - Bloody Disgusting
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Another Batch of Screens Surface from the Remastered ‘Resident Evil’ Remake



Earlier this month, Capcom confirmed they’ve been listening to our pleas for more survival horror in our Resident Evil by announcing an HD remaster of the beloved Resident Evil REmake. Unlike a couple of the numerous ports and remasters that Resident Evil 4 has endured over the last decade, this one doesn’t look as rushed. I have a feeling Capcom will put some serious effort into this game for reasons I’ve covered in great detail here.

Now sit back and enjoy the screenshot goodness I have for you below. Should you find yourself itching for more, Capcom US community manager Brett Elston has a few on the Capcom Unity blog that come with sliders, so you can instantly see the massive graphical improvements between this and the Wii version that released in 2009.


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