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‘Tales From Beyond The Pale’ Stories Coming To Vinyl



The spooky stories of Tales From Beyond The Pale are coming to limited edition vinyl courtesy of Deep Focus Records! There will be 500 limited copies, each with hand-stamped gold foil numbering on two records. The first 100 copies will be released on colored vinyl (see colors here).

Deep Focus Records is proud to announce our debut release, a horror double feature from the first season of Tales From Beyond The Pale: The Hole Digger by Larry Fessenden and Trawler by Glenn McQuaid.

Pre-orders will begin Monday, October 13th and sales will be conducted through Light In The Attic.

Head below to read synopses of the stories as well as hear samples from each release!

Synopsis for The Hole Digger:

It was the summer that everything changed, that summer in Cape Cod when me and my brother first found the hole dug down in the dunes in front of our house. Whether it was for a grave or a treasure, that hole changed our lives for good.

Larry Fessenden’s haunting tale stars James Le Gros (DRUGSTORE COWBOY, LIVING IN OBLIVION, POINT BLANK) and Owen and Tobias Campbell (BITTER FEAST, CONVICTION), and features Kevin Corrigan (BUFFALO ’66, THE DEPARTED, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS), Heather Robb (HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, STAKE LAND) and Joel Garland (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, I SELL THE DEAD).

Synopsis for Trawler

Something lurks out there in the salty brine…

Glenn McQuaid’s bizarre tale of mayhem and menace on the high seas, TRAWLER takes us to the edge of sanity and beyond the pale.

Featuring the voice talents of Christopher Denham (SHUTTER ISLAND, HEADSPACE), AJ Bowen (THE SIGNAL, A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE, HOUSE OF THE DEVIL) and Larry Fessenden (HABIT, I SELL THE DEAD).


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