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[Comic Book Review] “Thor” #1 Proves Worthy!



The impossible has become possible; the Hero of Midgard and god of Thunder, Thor, has become too unworthy to wield Mjolnir. With the Earth on the brink of a massive war one of their most powerful allies may prove to be too powerless to help. Beautifully written and illustrated “Thor” #1 is changing the game for Marvel Comic’s universe with the introduction of a goddess of thunder, but will she be too late to take up the mantel?


WRITTEN BY: Jason Aaron
ART BY: Russell Dauterman
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
RELEASE DATE: October 1st 
PRICE: 3.99

Reviewed By Green Bastard

Using wisdom gained from The Watcher, a mere whisper from Nick Fury has left the most powerful god in Asgardia a shade of his former self. Starving, dirty and looking rather homeless, Thor is in the grips of despair as he continuously tries to lift his beloved Mjolnir from the moon’s surface. As his fellow gods circle Thor to view his humiliation his enemies begin to circle him as well. Without his powers Thor strikes out to fight once again, but the task may prove too great for the former thunder god. There must always be a Thor and so there shall be…

In one of a few diversity project Marvel has going, the new Thor is trying to put fresh life into their universe by introducing a female into the role of the Mjolnir wielding god (goddess) of thunder. Will it necessarily work? I’m no psychic but after reading this book I certainly have a lot of optimism surrounding this ongoing.

The intensity of the story is one of the biggest surprises this debut issue had for me, from the opening panels until the brilliantly displayed closing page the pace is break neck and filled with drama. Jason Aaron has been consistently delivering quality Thor books for a while and I have no doubt in my mind that this arc has the potential rival its predecessors.

The quality of the writing aside the other chief factor that this book is such a pleasure to read is the artistic teamwork of illustrator Russell Dauterman and colourist Matthew Wilson. There are many individual panels that stand out in my mind, too many to name in this review, from the opening pages of the frost giants to the final image of the new thunder goddess and everything in between. The images are crisp and vibrant with a realistic style has been always been a preferred one of mine and has been constant throughout the Thor ongoing which is why I keep coming back for more.

Whether or not you agree with the line of thinking that has lead Marvel to switching Thor’s gender, the book is high quality and will leave you salivating for the next issue. There can only be one goddess of thunder and she looks like someone you don’t want to mess with.