John Carpenter To Release Album Of "Lost Themes"
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John Carpenter To Release Album Of “Lost Themes”



Horror director John Carpenter is pretty much beloved by the community. His films have become classics, mainstays that are foundations for any horror fan. With movies like Halloween, The Fog, The Thing, and more, Carpenter has cemented himself as the man behind some of the very best films that the genre has to offer.

But his influence doesn’t just hit film, it also hits music. Think of the amazing themes he has crafted for his films over the years. The Halloween theme is beyond iconic, the music from The Fog incredibly unsettling and eerie, the music for Big Trouble In Little China playful and exciting. The man is pretty much the full package for horror fans and it’s worth recognizing all that he does for a film.

At the Beyond Fest this year, Carpenter revealed that he will be releasing an album of “lost themes” in early 2015. No additional information was offered but that little tidbit is enough to get me amped up. Now, let’s just hope for a vinyl release!

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