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[Comic Book Review] Vertigo Quarterly: CMYK Yellow – Endlessly Impresses



Yellow is caution, yellow is choice, it is consequence, it is history, it is destiny, destination, wealth, childhood, and a damn good anthology. Vertigo Comics continues it’s incredible stroke of genius with “Vertigo Quarterly: CMYK: Yellow” evoking a special kind of melancholic vibrancy that has to be engaged with. It’s really quite something.

This month’s “Yellow” sees a thoughtful mediation on life itself, sometimes more direct than others, but it’s all about endings, beginnings and foraging our own destiny. It’s a pointed meditation on huge concepts, that will have you questioning your own momentum and destination.


WRITTEN BY: Various, Group Editor: Will Dennis

ART BY: Various


PRICE: $7.99

RELEASE: October 29, 2014

The anthology opens with self proclaimed comic industry weirdo and nineties pop culture aficionado Steve Orlando. Who sets an magnificent tone for the entire piece through offering a thoughtful look at the things we do for our art, and making our own destinies. Its brought to life in sweeping surrealist art by Emilio Uterra, who looks as if he dumped yellow on the page, and cut dark expressions out of it. This is one powerful opener that should capture your attention right away.

Gerard Way gives us an adventure all about the thrill of well… adventure, the escapism we all need to appreciate the little things in our lives. Toril Orlesky offers something unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed about the strength that comes with the ignorance of having no destination. Marguerite Bennett challenges us to interpret the role higher powers play in our lives, it’s hauntingly beautiful thanks to the work of Bill Sienkiewicz. I often thought it was veering toward more traditional and playfully eerie only to be rocked by the final page.

Later, Matt Miner offers a reflection on whom we eventually become. The distant reflection of who we once were leaving only stains in familiar locations. The choice me make to embrace those stains, or atone for them, and the winding road of life. It honestly had me on the verge of tears, because it felt incredibly authentic, but hauntingly beautiful.

Fabio Moon closes out the entry with a lovely little tale of childhood imagination. And what a believing in a better version of the truth can do for a person. It’s a really special look at “magic.” And ends the collection with a touch of sweetness.

“Yellow” is quite unlike anything you’ve read before, it’s thoughtful, touching, celbratory, and damning. It’s filled with contradictions, not out of design but rather from different outlooks on the same ideas. It’s a beautifully crafted comic that will have you thinking long into the night about the choices you’ve made, and the ones your about to make.

But rest assured the one choice you must make, is to support incredible anthologies like the “Vertigo: Quarterly.” It’s meticulously curated to show the medium at the height of it’s form, and offers a challenge to the way things are being done as we speak. It shows that we can build better comics, and all it takes is the right collection of inspired creators, and one damn good editor.


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