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Watch Every 13 Days of Horror Video Right Here!



I should say you can watch all but one of the videos in this year’s 13 Days of Horror, but since life kept getting in the way — seriously, my Internet went out for two days, starting on Halloween, then a transformer blew leaving me without power for a full day — I wasn’t able to get around to making that thirteenth video. My goal was to cap off the series with a playthrough of Alien: Isolation, and while that’s still the plan, it’ll have to wait a wee bit longer.

As we continue our wait for me to finally get caught up, here’s a recap of this year’s series!

Day 1 — Five Nights at Freddy’s

Day 2 — Monstrum

Day 3 — Contagion

Day 4 — Left 4 Dead 2 – Silent Fear mod

Day 5 — Grave

Day 6 — Doorways: The Underworld

Day 7 — Slender: The Arrival

Day 8 — F.E.A.R. 3

Day 9 — Saw: The Video Game

Day 10 — Damned

Day 11 — Neverending Nightmares

Day 12 — The Evil Within

Day 13 — Alien: Isolation


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