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7 Violent “American Dad!” Christmas Episodes!



For Whom the Sleight Bell Tolls American Dad

Seth MacFarlane’s “American Dad!”is one of my favorite animated sitcoms. Unlike Family Guy, the series has aged gracefully. Sure, it has a weak episode every now and then, but it has many more hits than misses. As I’m sure many of you know, American Dad! has been doing Christmas-themed episodes every couple of seasons and some of them have a bit of a horror twist. They pay tribute to The Omen, Mad Max, The Terminator, I Know What You Did Last Summer and more. Now, I’m a completionist so rather than cover only the horror-themed episodes, I thought I’d just go all the way and talk a little bit about each one. For all you purists that cry foul at a horror site not covering solely horror: sorry! Also, the first eight seasons of American Dad! are available on Netflix so I’ve linked each episode title to their page on Netflix. Enjoy!

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