Gunship Release One Of The Coolest Music Videos Ever
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Gunship Release One Of The Coolest Music Videos Ever



Retrosynth group Gunship are preparing for the upcoming release of their self-titled album, which doesn’t have a release date but it should be relatively soon, considering that they are releasing singles and artwork.

However, in anticipation of this upcoming album, the band has released an official music video for their track “Fly For Your Life”, which features vocals from Stella Le Page. The video was originally an animation by Damian Nenow of Polish studio Platige and it was then edited by the band to fit the music.

The clip tells the story of two pilots engaged in a vicious air battle, each one wounding the other as they weave through clouds, over a lake, and between mountain peaks. Come the end, we realize that there is more to these pilots, something evil and sinister buried deep within.

Also below is a teaser for the band’s album, which uses clips from all sorts of 70’s and 80’s films, a ton of which are horror.