'The Next Peak Vol. 1' Is A Delightful Twin Peaks Tribute Album
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‘The Next Peak Vol. 1’ Is A Delightful Twin Peaks Tribute Album



Yesterday was the birthday of David Lynch, the man who brought us Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, Eraserhead, and, one of my personal all-time favorite things ever, Twin Peaks. That series was known for its quirky characters, the haunting story, the infamous question “Who killed Laura Palmer?”, and Angelo Badalamenti‘s fantastic score.

To celebrate Lynch’s birthday, Retro Promenade has released the first of three volumes of their The Next Peak series, which are all retrosynth tributes to the music of the show. The album, which is available for a “Name Your Price” model over at Bandcamp, features such artists as Diamond Field, The Deathless, Robert Parker, The Astronaut Arcade, and more.

The first volume features covers and recreations of the original soundtrack. Volume 2, which comes out February 3rd, will be remixes while the third volume, out February 17th, are original tracks inspired by the show.

Also available through the Bandcamp link above are posters inspired by the show as well as a unique t-shirt.


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