Zombie Boy "Zombie Boy 666 Medley" Lyric Video Premiere (Exclusive)
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Zombie Boy “Zombie Boy 666 Medley” Lyric Video Premiere (Exclusive)



We here at Bloody-Disgusting are incredibly excited to bring you this premiere as it couldn’t get any more horrific! We’re here to tell you about Zombie Boy, the new project that features Riggs (ex-Rob Zombie, Scum Of The Earth) and Rick Genest, who is known to the world as “Zombie Boy”, because of the incredibly detailed skeletal tattoos that cover his body.

To celebrate this awesome collaboration, we’re also premiering a lyric video for “Zombie Boy 666 Medley”, a medley of six different songs that the group will be releasing, AND we’ve got a short interview with Riggs, all of which you can see below!

Medley tracklist:
1. That Terrible Song
2. Monster Inside
3. Monster Man
4. Yeah Bebe Yeah
5. Darkness Falls
6. Bad To The Bone

BD: Talk about this group and the path that led to it coming together.

It’s a bizarre story that I don’t even think Zombie Boy knows

I was working on new material for the next Scum of the Earth album and wanted to get a hold of ZOMBOY and check if he would be interested in working on a song or two, or a remix, or whatever capacity he could… I heard the track Organ Donor he did and it had some really cool Munsters / Adams Family vibes going on and I had to get ahold of him…
I got a hold of his managers email address and was pleasantly surprised that he was interested.

I talked back and forth with his manager for a couple of weeks and when his manager was talking about him doing vocals I was intrigued as I haven’t heard him do any vocals and his manager said he was starting to get into that. So I was thinking, “This isn’t what I need to get done, but what the hell, sounds like a blast, let’s do it“

Further talking with his manager and I was getting suspicious that this was not his manager… Certain facts weren’t lining up with what I knew about Zomboy and I was certain I had sent an email to the wrong person and they were screwing with me…

Somewhere around this point I realized I had contacted Zombie Boy’s manager instead of Zomboys manager…

Again it wasn’t what I needed to get done, but it seemed like a unique opportunity to make some cool music. Zombie Boy stayed over at my house for a bit, and he did vocals on a song that ended up being called Monster Inside. We really dug the tune and decided we should record more and a little over a year later, Bing Bang Walla Walla, here we are.

BD: What sets this project apart from Scum Of The Earth?

Several things… First off, I am not doing vocals…

Secondly , I have a partner in crime who has a different view on the music with some pretty far out there ideas (compared to mine) that pushes the music into a darker realm. It’s surrealistic and nightmarish at times, campy with lots of creepy haunting type breakdowns. For example, there is a song called “From The Mud” that starts off with a sample of a toilet full of maggots with flies buzzing around it and then the bass kicks in. When you listen to the song it’s quite peaceful sounding even though it’s a toilet full of maggots, and the bridge of the song breaks down to the maggots and flies with clean guitar and vocals only. It’s not a gross out tactic, it has a sad undertone and I don’t think anyone would have ever guessed that’s what it was.

We like a lot of the same things, horror , dark humor, clown porn, etc, so there’s a lot of that in the music. There are some similarities to Scum of the Earth, the heavy guitar riffs are still there…

There is a little bit for everyone with this project, no matter how weird you are.

BD: Think about the music you’re working on with this project, the sounds and styles that people will be hearing. Now, if you could put them as the soundtrack to several horror movies, which films come to mind?

Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Evil Dead, Martyrs (French), Cannibal Holocaust, Sinister, Insidious, Frankenhooker, Dawn Of The Dead, The Curious Dr Humpp… I could go on forever!

BD: What should fans expect in the coming months?

First and foremost, getting the songs released… Contests and giveaways. We are going to give everyone a free song. Some cool opportunities for fans to hook up with us in the studio and do some back up vocals. We are working on a video that fans can be a part of, working with a booking agent to get out on tour, and it seems everyday something new is rearing its head, so keep an eye out!

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