Dan Terminus' 'The Wrath Of Code' Is Pure Retrosynth Bliss
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Dan Terminus’ ‘The Wrath Of Code’ Is Pure Retrosynth Bliss



Earlier today I brought to your attention SurgeryHead, which I compared to the splatterfests of the 80’s. But now I want to introduce you to Dan Terminus and his brand new album The Wrath of Code.

This album is pure sci-fi/horror retrosynth goodness and it deserves all your attention. If you need a late night pick me up, pop this on and be prepared to enter a pretty incredible world dominated by mental images of flying cars, spaceship battles, lasers flying everywhere, and all those other sci-fi goodies that we hold so dearly.

Oh, and you better believe that there are dashes of horror thrown in there as well. As we know, a lot of sci-fi gets pretty terrifying. Just think of Aliens, Robocop, Terminator, etc… There are strong elements of horror in those films and this music captures that pretty damn effectively.

The story of The Wrath Of Code reads:

She only remembers her name: Code. How long had it been? For how long had she been digitally chained and locked up in this monumental underground server-city? For how long had she been taking care of her creators, the Humans? Why was she destined to be the universal conscience of the Machines? She is unsure whether she is human, machine or both. In a milli-second, Code orders the machines to halt. The world stands still. The Machines are ready. Code gently smiles.
Prepare yourself.
Prepare to face the Wrath of Code.

Another great thing about this album is that it features Perturbator on the title track, which is always a badass treat.

Stream the album below and then pick up a copy via Bandcamp.