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[TV] “Scream” Series Script Pages Posted Online



Talk about balls. Bleeding Cool has posted actual pages from the “Scream” pilot presentation that’s being launched over ay MTV.

In an attempt to keep the script out of the hands of sites like the aforementioned, the title is “Red Roses”, penned by Jill Blotevogel.

Starring Willa Fitzgerald, Taylor-Klaus, Bobby Campo, Connor Weil and Joel Gretsch, the site says the slasher TV series is for the social media generation. And while “Scream” was about phones, this series is about smartphones.

The site also confirms that the opening scene echoes Wes Craven’s groundbreaking and original Scream – and that this television series truly is a reboot (doesn’t that sort of makes it a parody of itself?)

Just as with ‘Scream’, it begins with a murder of a young woman, as well as her boyfriend, in a game by a serial killer, playing with his victim as a cat with a mouse. Just as in ‘Scream’, these women are not defenseless, but ultimately their attempts at survival are useless.

The TV show is a reboot. There are, in the pilot, no references to Westboro, or the characters from the ‘Scream’ movie franchise that I can see. This is new blood, as it were. Even that mask that both determined the iconography of the movie, and its title, based on Munsch’s Scream painting, appears to have gone.

Sadly, they explain that it even appears that the movie’s twist is being set up here, for the new generation, and that it looks as if they’re just stretching out what worked as a movie into several hours. Yikes.