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[Exclusive Preview] “The Names” #7 From Vertigo Comics



I’ve read the first few issues of “The Names” and I must admit that the distinction of Kill Bill meets The Wolf of Wall Street is an accurate description that somehow still doesn’t do this incredible series justice. It reads like a contemporary horror story but pushes something with a little more of a political or social agenda. The result is a highly intelligent thriller that isn’t afraid to challenge you to think about the world around you. It’s unique in this way.

U.S. Price: $2.99 ON SALE 3/4

The Names’ kingpin, Stoker, reveals what might have compelled Katya’s husband to throw himself out a high window. Meanwhile, Katya continues her quest and gets tantalizingly closer to knowing who made her a widow. Secret love, violence, insanity, and intrigue…Katya’s problems are only beginning…

Art by: Leandro Fernandez
Cover by: Celia Calle
Written by: Peter Milligan


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