'It' Director Cary Fukunaga Seeks "Perfect Pennywise" Clown
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‘It’ Director Seeks “Perfect Pennywise” Clown



After blowing our collective minds with the first season of “True Detective”, Cary Fukunaga is still developing a modern day take on Stephen King’s It.

What we didn’t know is that he’s been working on it for several years – and that he eventually had to start from scratch.

Bloody Disgusting reader Lucca Cantisano shared pages from Brazilian newspaper O Globo in which Fukunaga talks about the lengthy development process, their hunt for Pennywise, and getting Stephen King’s blessing.

“I’ve been in this project for about five years,” says Fukunaga in a translation by Lucca. “I had already read versions of the script but nothing felt right. Everybody tried to put too much into it, telling it from the perspective of the adult and the child in a two hour movie. It didn’t fit. So I decided to throw it all away and start from scratch.

“This will be my first movie in the US and I’m still trying to find the perfect guy to play Pennywise,” he added. “It’s really good to know Stephen [King] likes what we did. We (Fukunaga and writers David Kajganich and Chase Palmer) changed names, dates (the story is originally set in the 60’s) dynamics, but the spirit is similar to what he’d like to see in cinemas, I think.”

Based on the novel by Stephen King, the 1990 horror miniseries “It” originally starred Tim Curry as the hellish Pennywise. It took place in 1960 where seven outcast kids known as “The Loser Club” fight an evil demon who poses as a child-killing clown. 30 years later, they are called back to fight the same clown again…


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