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Scream Factory Announces a Ton of New Blu-Rays!



To celebrate Friday the 13th, the generous folks over at Scream Factory have announced a ton of new titles they’ll be bringing to Blu-ray this summer.

Richard Governor’s Ghost Town (1988) will be released on Blu-ray on July 28th.

Rowdy Herrington’s Jack’s Back (1988) will hit Blu-ray and DVD sometime this summer.

John McTiernan’s Nomads (1986) will be hitting Blu-ray this summer as well.

In the double feature department,  Tom Daley’s The Outing (1987) and Gabrielle Beaumont’s The Godsend (1980) will share a package and a double feature of John Carl Buechler’s Cellar Dweller (1988) and David Schmoeller’s Catacombs (1988) are due out on July 14.

Can’t even front, I’ve never even heard of Nomads.

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