Batgirl Endgame Is Expressive and Incredible
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[Comic Review] “Batgirl Endgame” #1 Is Expressive and Incredible



For what its worth, the main “Batgirl” title really isn’t for me. I understand the appeal and I love the new creative direction but I’ve never been that interested by the character. So when the “Batgirl Endgame” book arrived on my doorstep I was more than a little sceptical. But, despite this I really enjoyed the one shot. Perhaps because it’s one of the most bold experiments in comics recently and it pays off magnificently.


WRITTEN BY: Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher
ART BY: Bengal
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: March 18, 2015

This end game tie in takes place within the continuity of the ongoing “Batman” title and sees Gotham fallen to anarchy under the joker virus, yet again. In the midst of this Barbara finds herself tasked with saving a young girl who has the onset of the virus, and she has to do anything to stop her from falling victim to Joker’s murderous pathogen.

From the opening pages the art is crisp and clear. It’s expressively colored but really only uses dark colors and earth tones. The world is on fire and every page makes you feel it. But, most impressively is the distinct lack of dialogue within the issue. The entire ordeal goes down without so much of an utterance from Batgirl and the result is an overwhelmingly brisk issue that throws you into a moment of heroics like nothing else.

The script from Stewart and Fletcher is something to marvel at. Without a single line of dialogue to carry the story the trust in Bengal is gigantic. It was well warranted as nothing in the issue suffers from a lack of clarity or purpose. Instead you get thrown into the moment and the comic barely lets you catch your breath until the final page.

Tie in issues often feel bloated with heavy exposition, stating their reasons for existence and forcing an otherwise unnatural narrative. “Batgirl Endgame” doesn’t concern itself with any of that. Instead it throws you into the situation and allows you to fill in the details for yourself. It’s as experimental as super hero comics get, and it’s one of the best examples of a tie in event comic that DC has ever released.



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