'Jeepers Creepers' Screen-Used Car Up For Auction
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Want to Own the 1960 Chevrolet Impala Used In ‘Jeepers Creepers’?



Jeepers Creepers

Are you a super fan of Victor Salva’s 2001 creature feature Jeepers Creepers?

In the film, Justin Long and Gina Phillips are on the run from a deranged monster after witnessing it dump a body down a shoot.

Long and Phillips’ car was a 1960 Chevrolet Impala, which is now up for auction on eBay. The listing explains that this is one of two screen-used cars, one of which has rear fender damage from when the Creeper rams the duo with his truck.

Via the listing:

The car is a 1960 Impala sedan.

There were actually 2 almost identical cars used in the movie, and one was damaged in the rear when being forced off the road by the “Creeper”.The movie was filmed in Central Florida in the Ocala area.This car is featured in the opening scenes, and is prominent in the early parts of the move. The car has been kept very close to the way it was in the movie. I have tuned it up and done some brake work, as well as added new tires. The interior is exactly as in the movie, but I did have to restore the bottom part of the front seat, and recover it with new matching material. It still has the front and rear attachment mechanisms that were used to attach the camera platforms, etc. The interiors of both cars were custom made to look the same, and cover the original interiors. In the movie the car was represented as a stick shift on the floor, so the original “Fake” floor shifter is still there. The automatic shift lever on the steering column is made to be removable, but it was left on for most of the movie. This car will be a major hit at any car show you will go to, as many people have seen this movie and will recognize it. A DVD of the movie, as well as a DVD player goes with the car. The two picture boards shown also will be included.

The car runs great, and the engine and transmission are in good shape. It is a 6 cylinder with the original powerglide transmission, and it should be very reliable for taking to local car shows. The lights, signals, brake lights, and even the interior light work. The gas and temperature gauge are both working.

Thanks to Shaun for the tip.