20 Horror Game Crossovers I Want in 'Mortal Kombat', Part 2 - Bloody Disgusting
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20 Horror Game Crossovers I Want in ‘Mortal Kombat’, Part 2



Before we dive into this, if you missed the first half of this list, you can find it here. One commenter called it a “Pretty terrible list,” so you know it must be good.

Mortal Kombat X released last week, and for the most part, it didn’t disappoint. It isn’t as refreshing as its predecessor, which effectively rebooted the franchise back in 2011, but it is an intensely enjoyable fighting game that does a fine job of continuing the series’ bloody legacy.

One of the secrets to its success lies with its developer, NetherRealm, and specifically the studio’s refusal to stick to what worked before. I admire the way Mortal Kombat X managed to strike a balance between familiarity and innovation without leaning too heavily on either side, and a shining example of this can be found with its roster of fighters that now come with three variants each so players can find a fighter that more accurately fits with their play style.

A fighting game is nothing without its roster, and as good as the line-up is in MKX, here are ten characters from horror games that could’ve made it even better.

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