This "The Walking Dead" Infographic Is Insanely Accurate!
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The Most Extensive “The Walking Dead” Infographic Ever Made!



Infographics are a hot commodity because they mean instant hits, which means everyone is making them. And while some are graphically cool, the research is flawed or rushed, making it basically something pretty to look at and go “I like that too!”

Well, not MorbidMalignant – no, no, no.

He went back and revisited all five seasons of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” to create this absolutely bonkers infographic detailing, well, everything.

“Back in December after The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale, I decided to begin rewatching the series from the beginning and I wanted to take notes on a few things. So, I did.. and I kept track and continued updating my notes up until the Season 5 finale and after that was over, I updated them one last time.

After that, I made a series of infrographs covering just about anything you could ever think of from characters with the most human kills to characters with the most walker kills.. individual graphs for most of the main characters in the series, who gets the most kills in each season and if you can believe it, even more.”

Check them all out below! What do you guys think?!

The Walking Dead Infographs