Rob Zombie Writing 'The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning'?
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Rob Zombie’s ‘The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning’?!



The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning

Some truly interesting news was added to the IMDB on February 10th that states an animated The Hills Have Eyes is in the works, with Rob Zombie!

According to the site, Zombie penned the screenplay for The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning, which is based on Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti’s graphic novel that tells the origin story of how the cannibalistic mutants became what they are, and who they were before the accident.

The rumors have been around since the release of the 2007 Fox Atomic graphic novel that was released in conjunction with the remake’s sequel, The Hills Have Eyes II. While I believe we’ll eventually find out this is completely unfounded, I’m holding onto hope it’s actually coming into fruition.

In it, “‘The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning’ tells the story of the original families who refused to leave their small New Mexico town once the U.S. government began above-ground atomic testing. Spanning multiple generations, this dark tale reveals how these once good people slowly devolved into murderous mutants.

Zombie, who currently completely filming his Halloween slasher 31, is also listed as one of the voices, and executive producer.

John Higgins is the storyboard artist with Dennis Calero acting as assistant art director.

This isn’t Zombie’s first foray into animation as he directed the 2009 The Haunted World of El Superbeasto.

The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning