Justin Symbol "Scarecrow (Prod. by FLO)" Song Premiere
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Justin Symbol “Scarecrow (Prod. by FLO)” Song Premiere (Exclusive)



Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with industrial group Justin Symbol to bring you the exclusive song premiere of “Scarecrow (Prod. by FLO). The track comes off of Symbol’s upcoming album F U C K H E A D, which is a remix album of songs from the debut LP VΩIDHEAD that came out last Halloween.

The track is a brooding, sinister, minimalistic remix, embracing a darkly sexual vibe. It builds up slowly but surely, culminating in a harsh climax with raspy, torn vocals.

Symbol states:

“Scarecrow” is a new single based loosely around the track “Possession” from ‘V Ω I D H E A D’. I approached my best friend FLO about producing a remix, and we spun it in an entirely new direction.To me this song embodies everything that ‘F U C K H E A D’ represents; taking inspiration from ‘V Ω I D H E A D’ while bringing in elements from the present to create a beautiful new Frankenstein.

You can pre-order F U C K H E A D, which comes out on May 1st, via Bandcamp.

Justin Symbol online:
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