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Horror Comic Of The Week – ‘Ballistic’ TPB



Last year the sheer epitome of body horror comics hit the stands to meer whispers. This week that can all change with your support. On Wednesday Black Mask Studios is releasing the collected first volume of Ballistic from Adam Egypt Mortimer and Darick Robertson. The comic is basically a trip inside the early mind of David Cronenberg and it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


You know that garbage island that’s rumored to exist in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, well what if it became the only piece landscape left livable, this is Repo City State. And what if the rapid expansion of technology meant biological fusion. The world of Ballistic recognizes everything that we used to call inanimate as living and breathing with its own unique set of biology. It’s a world where everything is living, and the humans have become detestable criminals. It’s provocatively different, and ushers in a new era for body horror. It’s easily the best collected comic of the last two years, and we don’t drop such praise lightly.

Ballistic follows Butch, a air conditioner repair man who is no stranger to reaching inside the orifice of a breathing machine in order to perform the surgery necessary to keep it living. He’s demented in all the right ways because he wants nothing more than to be a criminal. Butch and his living gun, team up to rob a bank. This is their chance to break big into the royal world of criminals. Except his gun has a story of it’s own. It’s a buddy cop story between a human and his living weapon in a world of body horror. Seriously you’ve never read anything like this.

Mortimer’s script is rock solid throughout. Repo City State is fully realized and exposition flows seamlessly on every page. The world is dense and full of new terms, creatures, and rules. Mortimer manages to communicate these things in clear and interesting ways, while not slowing down the pace of the book. Through all of this Repo City State manages to become the most interesting character on the page.

The entire thing feels very Cronenberg-esque, and is truly own of the most original takes on the future put to print. The tone is serious and funny at the same time. The stylistic use of narration allows for some levity in otherwise very dark moments. Darick Robertson’s art is nothing short of incredible. The depth to which he evokes this world is almost staggering. Robertson’s depiction of these biotechnological creations is so unique and beautiful. Everything has the disgusting feeling that it is real and breathing.

The Ballistic TPB hits comic shops on 04/22/15 for $14.99. 


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