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A Guide To Free Comic Book Day 2015



The first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day. Where every major publisher rounds up some of their best promotional material and offers readers a taste of their upcoming lineup for free. It’s a great way to find out what’s in store for the comic market, and a fantastic way to celebrate the medium. Most comic shops will have a whole host of back issues out on the shelves for free too, as well as a ton of creator signings and events. No matter where you’re headed to celebrate, Bloody-Disgusting will help you grab the best of what’s being offered. But get there early, the good stuff goes fast.



If you’re only picking up one title tomorrow, then you could do much worse than this one. Dc Comics is trying their best to make FCBD huge this year, with a glimpse of what lies ahead in the DC Universe. Here you’ll get your first taste of an all new Batman – piloted by Jim Gordon himself, a look at the Darkseid war, and perhaps more drunk Superman. Who knows? This is worth it for the new Batman alone.



Dark Horse has always excelled at producing quality titles with a horror flavor. This year appears to be a little different as we get the first public taste of the highly anticipated Fight Club 2. (Before a debut that doesn’t quite stick the landing.) Then you’ve got an original Eric Powell Goon adventure, and a separate but likely thrilling chapter from The Strain.



The Marvel Universe as you know it is collapsing upon itself. This is Marvel’s self-proclaimed biggest comic event of the year. This first look at the mega event will show us… Battleworld! Amid the strange, patchwork realm, refugees from thousands of obliterated universes struggle for survival. Even if they can endure the horrors of Battleworld – the home they knew has been destroyed! Time has run out, and the opening salvo of Secret Wars has been fired. But can anything restore the Marvel Universe that once was?



Savage Dragon reaches a new milestone as Malcolm Dragon graduates high school and follows his father’s footsteps to the Chicago Police Department. Every young new officer has a lot to live up to, but for the son of a world-famous figure as renowned as he is reviled, navigating the world of law enforcement is especially challenging. The cost of failure is high in a city becoming more dangerous by the day: Can Malcolm step out of his father’s shadow and become the hero Chicago needs, or is he doomed to make the same mistakes?



Captain Canuck is BACK! Tom Evans is a brave but troubled Canadian soldier. When he and his brother Michael gain superpowers from an alien artifact, they both must work through a lifetime of differences to ensure their gifts are used for the betterment of all humankind. Thrust into battle by Equilibrium, a fledgling intervention agency, Tom must find his way as figurehead and hero Captain Canuck to save humanity- and his brother’s soul- from the machinations of Mr. Gold… and even more dangerous forces that lurk in the shadows.



Do you dare peer into the Looking Glass this May? Erica J. Heflin, who has been making waves in creator-owned comics with her strong female characters and twisted, mind-bending stories,  has delivered a standalone Wonderland story, which delves into the bloody past as well as the dark future of the Looking Glass… the mirror which helped turn the Liddles into the new Manson family.Heflin also writes the monthly ongoing Wonderland series, which focuses on Calie Liddle… the White Queen of Wonderland. Calie has purged the madness that turned the Realm of Dreams evil to its core, but the shadows of the past still lurk in the darkest corners of Wonderland, waiting to strike.

That’s it. An impressive list. There’s also a New Avengers team debuting, but I’m sure you are all going to be Avengers burn outs after Age of Ultron this week. So get out there tomorrow and get some FREE COMICS.



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