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‘Daredevil’ May Have Found Its Bullseye!



Latino Review has broken the news that Marvel TV is aiming to crank up their stable of actors by adding none other than Jason Statham as the infamous assassin Bullseye.  According to our own sources, the action superstar is currently deep in negotiations, so here’s hoping that talks don’t break down.  If he signs, it will truly be a deal with the devil, as Bullseye is slated to make his debut on Netflix’s Daredevil come May 2016.  The second season of Marvel’s hit series is scheduled to begin production at the end of July, so we should expect to hear some finalized casting by Comic-Con at the latest.  Expect more rumors and announcements to fly hard and fast between now and then.

The villainous Bullseye previously appeared in the 2003 feature version of Daredevil and was played by Colin Farrell.  He isn’t the only character from that incarnation expected to make their debut in Season 2, however.  Elektra is also very much in the cards, along with the evil organization The Hand, both of whom were hinted at in the inaugural season.  The emergence of The Hand in Hell’s Kitchen should also bring us the return of Stick (Scott Glenn), so it sounds like Matt Murdock has his work cut out for him next year.  I hope his new outfit softens the blows more than his initial one.

This is a rather exciting time for Marvel’s Netflix shows and as a fan its hard not to get impatient waiting for Daredevil to return.  Lucky for us, their second series…AKA Jessica Jones…has been in production for a few months and should be wrapping soon, if it hasn’t already.  Luke Cage is upon as as well, with both likely to premiere before The Man Without Fear returns to Netflix in 2016.