Chino Moreno's Team Sleep Returns With New Album
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Chino Moreno’s Team Sleep Returns With New Album



Ten years ago, Team Sleep, the side project of vocalist Chino Moreno (Deftones, †††), released a self-titled album that featured 15 tracks. Since then, there’s been nothing else from the project, leaving fans disappointed. However, that’s about to change as the group will be releasing a live album as well as having plans to unveil a series of studio EPs.

Late last year, the group convened at Applhead Studios in Woodstock, New York with a small audience and recorded a live album over two days. That album, dubbed Woodstock Sessions Vol. 4, is now available for pre-order right here. It will include live renditions of several songs as well as official versions of past demos.

Below is a stream of the band’s performance of “Blvd. Nights”.

Band co-founder Tim Wilkinson states:

“Blvd. Nights” is kind of a nostalgic song to me. Most of the stuff we’ve been making has been centered around drum machines and melodies, but ‘Blvd.’ is a real rock song. Gil and Chuck are a great rhythm section and it feels good to be super loud sometimes.

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