In 1993 Two Kids Remade 'Jurassic Park' With Toys - Bloody Disgusting
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In 1993 Two Kids Remade ‘Jurassic Park’ With Toys



The magic of being young in the 1990’s. It’s the reason nostalgia has run amok here in 2015.

If I really focus, I can well up some emotions I felt during my first viewing of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. It was a life altering moment that has changed cinema forever, and unfortunately never been recreated.

Now, with Jurassic World dousing our eyes with a CGI bath on par with having acid thrown in our face, we’re all looking back at Jurassic Park and asking why nothing has come close to reinvigorating the magic.

Thankfully, there’s gems like the following floating around on YouTube. It reminds us of a better time when we were fortunate to feel so passionately about a movie that we had to have all the toys – and had to recreate our favorite moments. Two kids (thankfully) recorded such an event, and are sharing it with all of us…