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[Comic Review] “Ei8ht” #5 Is An Action Packed Finale



In its exciting conclusion, “EI8HT” #5 pushes towards the last page with lots of eye-catching visuals and tons of action. Tying everything up from past, present, and future, plus the in-betweens, the structure is finally explained. If you love smart sci-fi thrillers, the concluding chapter of “EI8GHT” will feed what ails you.


WRITTEN BY: Rafael Albuquerque & Mike Johnson

ART BY: Rafael Albuquerque

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: June 17, 2015

In the snowy mountains, an assassin from the future, Joshua, has been sent into the time-stream on a suicide mission. Now it’s time for the assassin to fulfill that part of the deal. Joshua has to kill the enemy, known as The Spear, whose death will change the future of the world. Can this would-be killer take the life of the the most important man in history, changing the course of the future forever? Or was Joshua’s mission already a failure since the beginning?

There’s no better way to start a story than pitting our heroes against a wave of killer apes. Writer Mike Johnson keeps the nonlinear narrative flowing with one action sequence after another. Since the first installment, Joshua has been the reluctant hero, afraid to get involved. Now as his character comes full circle, Joshua is driven even more to complete his mission and become a brave leader.

Making every page feel epic in scope, artist Rafael Albuquerque uses wide angles for the confrontations and extreme closeups for facial expressions. Refusing to give up, The Spear is driven by his obsession to win. In a tight close-up, the Spear smiles when he finally stands face-to-face against Joshua. The two raise their swords, ready to deliver the final strike that will kill them.

With a clever open-ending, “EI8HT” #5 teases there might be more to come. If you have all the issues collected, you will get to see how creative team, Mike Johnson and Rafael Albuquerque, connected the scattered timelines as one cohesive narrative.

Reviewed by Jorge Solis