"Hannibal" Creator Bryan Fuller Describes Season 4
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“Hannibal” Creator Bryan Fuller Describes What Would’ve Been In Season 4



Hannibal, image courtesy of NBC

Today was a dark day for fans of NBC’s “Hannibal” as it was announced that the series had been cancelled, making the third season the final one we would get to see. We still have ten episodes left, however, so we can all hope for a memorable but final end to this amazing journey.

However, just in case the show gets picked up at another station or platform, creator/show runner Bryan Fuller makes it clear that he has a plan, according to TV Line.

Fuller explains:

My idea for Season 4 was perhaps one of the coolest yet. So I would love to do it in some capacity. It would have explored the Hannibal-Will Graham relationship in a much deeper fashion than the series ever has before.

According to Deadline, the series might have a second chance on Amazon, which has, “…exclusive rights to the existing three seasons of the show as part of a four-year, five-show deal with NBCUniversal.” The other option is that Netflix will swoop in and save the day.

Right now, it’s far too early to have any concrete information. All we can do is hope that Will and Hannibal’s chase isn’t over yet.

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