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Which Horror TV Series Needs a Game Adaptation?



Lately, I’ve found that when I make plans to burrow into my couch to watch something spooky, as I often do, I almost always end up with one of the myriad scary shows we have to choose from now. Like the ethereal spider demon that spins webs made from orphans’ tears, our favorite genre has slowly crept into every dark corner of broadcast television, led by hits like “The Strain”, “American Horror Story” and “The Walking Dead”.

More shows are ignoring what’s popular now so they can seek out what will be hot tomorrow, an they’re doing that by finding new ways to disturb viewers within the loosening confines of network TV, the boundaries of which have become increasingly hazy of late. With less restrictions, this perfect storm of critical acclaim and mainstream appeal is the only reason we were ever gifted with something as beautiful as “Hannibal” (#SaveHannibal).

There’s still hope that “Hannibal” will be picked up, it only needs to find a network that’s mad for Mikkelsen (#MadForMikkelsen) and his flawless portrayal of the eponymous serial killer. If it is rescued, it’ll join “The X-Files” in 2016 and “Twin Peaks” in 2017 in an expanding list of fan favorites that are being exhumed from the graveyard of dead TV.

What really blows my mind about this macabre renaissance we’re seeing in our living rooms is that it’s not entirely made up of clones. The genre’s biggest success stories should’ve left us with a host of copycats with varying degrees of shamelessness, but that never really happened. “iZombie” shares the undead theme, only without all that post-apocalyptic drama, and “Penny Dreadful”, which started out as an answer to “AHS”, didn’t waste any time developing its own sexy, scary identity.

The “worst” hasn’t been that bad either. “Sleepy Hollow” is better than it has any right to be, and “Scream” still hasn’t sunk as low as the worst of the franchise despite being on MTV. Even “The Following” was generous enough to wait until its second season before it completely unraveled.

There are plenty of options is my point, and some of them may have the special sauce that makes for a good video game — just not Scream. You might say no to all of the above, and that’s fine, even if I seriously doubt you wouldn’t play a game about European imported parasitic vampires and their war for New York City. That has universal appeal.

Is there a horror TV series you would like to see turned into a video game?


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