'Mad Max' Meets 'Star Wars' In This Glorious Mash Up
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‘Mad Max’ Meets ‘Star Wars’ In This Glorious Mash Up



YouTube user Krishna Shenoi has done something that shouldn’t make sense but ended up being incredible: He mashed the worlds of Mad Max: Fury Road with Star Wars, creating a trailer for a film that I didn’t think could ever possibly work but now lists as something I’d leap at the opportunity to see!

Injecting clips and characters/vehicles/weapons from multiple Star Wars films over the foundation of the Mad Max: Fury Road trailer, the mashup works incredibly well, creating a surprisingly believable world that takes the insanity of the Mad Max universe and simply ramps it up to ’11’.

What’s even better is how much actually works if you stop and think about it. The Star Wars Sarlacc and Tusken Raiders are a perfect compliment to the apocalyptic desert wasteland of Mad Max while the idea of alien looking beings fits right in with the mutations and deformities of the survivors, due to the irradiated water supplies. Perhaps the spaceships and lightsabers are a bit of a stretch, but I’m ready to suspend my disbelief for this one!

Give it a peek below and then tell me that you’re honestly not totally into it!

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