"Ten O'Clock People" Adaptation Renamed to 'Cessation'
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Stephen King’s “Ten O’Clock People” Adaptation Renamed to ‘Cessation’



Will the adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Ten O’Clock People” ever go into production.

King fan site Lilja’s Library caught up with Tom Holland (Fright Night, Child’s Play), who has been developing the project for years.

According to the site, the adaptation continues to be developed, and has also gone under a title change: it is now known as Cessation.

Over a year ago, Jay Baruchel was attached to star, while Justin Long, Chris Evans, and Rachel Nichols were all once to star in the adaptation that’s quite similar to John Carpenter’s They Live. The story “tells of a smoker who returns to his old habit with a cessation drug still in his system, triggering a side effect that reveals a frightening reality in which many people in authority are monsters.

Aliens, monsters, it’s all the same as it’s an obvious allegory for our government.

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