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Top 5 Kills In Horror From Richy Nix



I have a confession to make: I LOVE hearing about a horror fan’s favorite kills! People get so passionate talking about their favorite scenes and it’s so exciting to see them get fired up about them!

That’s why I’m excited to host Richy Nix‘s Top 5 Kills In Horror, which showcase some really unconventional choices, ones that normally don’t get chosen.

Nix opens up by saying:

Compiling a list of my favorite horror film kills is super tough. My thoughts start to race as I think of 100s…if not 1000s of scenes.

I had to really sit down and talk with a childhood friend who has watched a lot of the films with me. Some of my favorite kills are when the kills are ultra-gory or make me laugh my ass off!

Check out his list in the pages ahead!

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