Ambulance Arrives At Fantasia After Viewers Experience A 'Bite' - Bloody Disgusting
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Ambulance Arrives At Fantasia After Viewers Experience A ‘Bite’



Working in a cinema growing up I got used to being around movie theatre drama. 

Getting soaked in piss when washrooms leaked during Finding Nemo on opening weekend, Kill Bill being shown instead of the same fishy flick & projectile puking during the rib rip in the Saw movie sequel I forget the digit of.  It seems Canada has it’s own share of issues when presenting films. 

Case in point happened during the female body horror Bite at Fantasia International Film Festival.  The filmmakers thinking they might cause a stir in stomachs were wise enough to give out barf bags to patrons attending the big screen debut but nothing could have prepared them for this outcome. 

Via the festival co-director:

I leave the BITE premiere for all of ten minutes and the following text lights up my phone: “2 people,fainted. One girl is puking and another hit his head on stairs”. Truth.

What is the most visceral reaction you’ve had to a movie?  Bite continues to screen on the festival circuit playing in London at the end of the month for Film4 FrightFest