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Michael Biehn Updates Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien’



We’re reaching the 6 month point to the announcement that Fox had tapped Neill Blomkamp to direct the next installment in the Alien franchise.

The news came before Chappie hit theaters, which means we don’t know the studio’s reaction to the film’s weak box office take and poor reviews.

Behind the scenes at Bloody, we already think this project is dead*, and that Fox has internally nixed Blomkamp’s vision.

While we’re being pessimistic, Aliens star Michael Biehn is keeping the faith.

Biehn, who is at the Sheffield Film and Comic Con, told audiences that Blomkamp had talked to him about Alien 5 but he hasn’t read a script or has been offered a role, says AvPGalaxy.

He also confirmed that Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 will in fact be ignoring Alien3 and Alien Resurrection as if they never happened.

It’s been speculated that Michael Biehn would be reprising his role as Corporal Hicks ever since Neill Blomkamp shared the below Alien 5 concept art at the start of the year, adds the site. It showed a much older Corporal Hicks with the left side of his face burnt by acid.

Being that it’s been 6 months since Blomkamp started developing the screenplay, and that he isn’t attached to any other (announced) projects, I’m beginning to think this project is about to, or has already entered development hell. I found it odd that, back in July, Blomkamp released even more concept art, which was completely unnecessary being that Fox was already committed to the project. Why would he need to reinvigorate hype if the project were happening? That was our first very bad sign.

Now, Biehn saying that he’s yet to read a script or be offered a role isn’t too reassuring. If Fox was as hot on the project as it appeared back February, don’t you think they’d be locking everyone down for a potential shoot in 2016? Although, it looks as if Biehn isn’t doing much outside of producing and starring in some really bad movies… but what about Sigourney Weaver? What about the fact that Fox has yet to announce a date? Game over, man. GAME OVER.

*This is just speculation.

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