Dave Mustaine Nixes Any Thoughts Of Metallica Reunion
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Dave Mustaine Nixes Any Thoughts Of Metallica Reunion



Dave Mustaine is one of those musicians who’s really, really good at Twitter. Fans shoot him questions all the time and he actually takes the time to reply to a ton of them, being open and honest without censoring himself or couching his words so as to cause rumors. Rather, his directness makes his feed all the more appealing because there is no ambiguity. It’s incredibly refreshing.

During a wave of questions, Mustaine was asked if he would ever rejoin Metallica should frontman James Hetfield ask. While Mustaine said he’d be honored, the final answer was “no”. Additionally, when asked if he should be ashamed for wearing a Megadeth shirt with a Metallica jacket, Mustaine responded to a fan saying, “of course not. There would be no Metallica if it weren’t for me, so I don’t mind at all.

Both Metallica and Megadeth seem to have put aside all hard feelings in the past few years, especially with the Big 4 performances, which featured both bands as well as Slayer and Anthrax. It would be interesting to see if at the very least a collaborative track could be recorded just for the fun of it. It’d be a real treat for us metal fans