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The Great Discord “The Aging Man (Acoustic)” Video Premiere (Exclusive)



The impossible to describe Swedish band The Great Discord have released Echoes today, a new EP that has been streaming on Spotify for a few weeks but is now available on all digital platforms. The EP features five tracks, including two radio edits of their songs and two covers, one of Deftones’ “Cherry Waves” and the other of The Mars Volta’s “Inertiatic ESP”. But we’re here to talk about the first track on the album, which is an acoustic version of their own track “The Aging Man”, which we’re exclusively premiering a music video for.

The video focuses entirely on vocalist Fia Kempe, the camera right in her face, never allowing us to really see her fully. While she herself is in very muted grays, blacks, and whites, a splash of purplish red is sometimes visible behind her, adding a somewhat sinister element, which is realized even more at times in the song. Still, there is a beautiful element to this version, especially considering how dynamic and intense the original track is.

You can purchase The Great Discord’s music via iTunes or through Amazon.

The band tells BD:

This acoustic version of The Aging Man was in a way an experiment for us, as the song in it’s form on the album is a very twists and turns type metal song. The original song is, to us, a kind of blue print for our album Duende. It carries with it bits and pieces of everything we tried to achieve on the album.

The experimentation when making this version consisted of us, breaking down the song to it’s most fundamental form, and from there making sure the song worked even without the pyrotechnics of a modern metal production. We could not help ourselves of course to experiment a little with the harmonies and chord shapes but essentially this is The Aging Man performed simply with a piano and vocals. Incidentally, this is a very useful approach when writing songs in general. If its not convincing with a single melodic instrument the song might still need some work. In the end we found ourselves very happy with the result and decided to share it with all of you.

In the video, we wanted to echo (hint) this visually. So, the obvious choice was to have a very simple video. A mellow and non epileptic type, with toned down, simple colours. A single take of Fia, performing the song in the studio where we recorded the EP. We do hope you like it.

The Great Discord online:

Tour dates:
Oct 08 O2 Academy 2 Islington London, United Kingdom

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