Morgan Creek Confirms They Will NOT Remake 'The Exorcist' - Bloody Disgusting
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Morgan Creek Confirms They Will NOT Remake ‘The Exorcist’



There was a lot of worrisome speculation over the past week that Morgan Creek was in talks to sell their domestic library of 78 films, which included rights to The Exorcist. However, director William Friedkin voiced his doubts that such a move would result in a remake, stating that they didn’t own the rights to the movie but only to the “so-called sequels“.

Now Morgan Creek has weighed in with an official statement via Twitter that states unequivocally that there will never be an attempt at such a remake. Once again, however, this doesn’t say anything about sequels, prequels, etc… However, it’s good to know that the idea of remaking The Exorcist is off the table.

It should also be noted that while this Twitter account is not verified, the official Morgan Creek website directly links to it.

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