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‘In Case’ Presents Vampire and Demon Displays (Random Treat)



In Case, the company that makes “emergency cabinets against unnatural threats“, is back in the nick of time for Halloween with two new cases! This year they’re bringing the Vampire Decorative Display and the Demon Decorative Display, each box being handmade limited editions that come with serial numbers, a wax seal of authenticity, and a certificate of authenticity to boot!

We’ve got images of both creations below and I gotta tell you that they would like mighty fine on a bookshelf, a mantle, or atop an office desk to show your clients that you mean business.

The Vampire Decorative Display, even just displayed, may be a powerful deterrent for vampires. The heavy duty vampire stake can be a formidable weapon in the hands of an experienced wielder. Sturdy and well-built, the stake does the job: goes in and stays in.

The scroll of abolishment contained in the Demon Decorative Display is one, if not the most, powerful script/prayer against demons and unholy creatures. Even just displayed, along with the blessed protective cross, the sacred scroll may be a powerful impediment for demons.

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