Robert Englund is Not Playing Freddy Krueger Again.
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Robert Englund is Not Playing Freddy in the Next ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’



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Because some people have trouble reading…

Robert Englund talks a lot. I mean, he talks a lot. Every single time I’ve interviewed him I prepare only two questions because he will basically take over the conversation. This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, compared to other stars, it’s pretty awesome to have someone who actually cares to answer questions asked by the fans. Englund is a good guy in my book.

With that said, let’s flash back to last week when we ran this report from a lengthy interview with Englund. In it he speculates that New Line could be thinking about remaking Dream Warriors as the next A Nightmare On Elm Street, while also stating that he’d love to return in some sort of cathartic cameo role.

If anyone actually read the article, they would see that Englund is basically vocalizing his desire to be part of the franchise, even if it means he won’t ever return as Freddy Krueger, for which he played in film eight times.

A day later Jon Barkan followed up my piece with more Englund sound bites that shared his thoughts on Freddy being a child molester.

Even though Englund goes on and on and on and on, at no point does he even imply that he would return as Freddy.

Between hopeful readers looking for meaning in an otherwise interesting story, and hack websites sensationalizing his quotes for traffic, Englund’s statements were being misconstrued as if he were running for President… or at least a return as Freddy.

So, for the last time I’m explaining to all of you that he will NOT BE PLAYING FREDDY in the next A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Englund also wasted his evening sharing the following tweet that should put the nail in this ridiculous rumor’s coffin…

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