9 Min. of Lost 'Night of the Living Dead' Footage!
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George A. Romero Finds 9 Minutes of Lost ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Footage!



Night of the Living Dead

You don’t receive your horror badge of honor until you’ve seen George A. Romero’s seminal 1968 Night of the Living Dead, about a group of people who hide from bloodthirsty zombies in a farmhouse.

A few weeks back Romero attend the annual Monster Mania in Maryland where he revealed huge news to fans.

According to user ‘spawning blue’ on the Blu-ray.com forums, Romero allegedly has found a 16mm work print of Night of the Living Dead, which is said to include a roughly 9-minute long scene never before released on home media!

This was a scene that takes place at the jump cut in the basement, explains the user, including the largest zombie scene in the film!

This news is confirmed by users on the Monster Kid Classic Horror forums, who add that “Martin Scorsese is working on a new restoration from the original negatives.”

WOW. That’s all I can say at this moment. Talk about a Halloween treat to remember. And what a way to celebrate the film that started it all. Can you imagine seeing lost footage from 47 years ago? I’m so curious to learn why this scene was cut and what it means for the film’s original narrative. There’s seriously a lot to discover and learn here, and I anxiously await official news of its release.

Night of the Living Dead