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The Infamous Stanley Hotel Will Open its Own Museum and Film Center



The Stanley Hotel, which is known to horror fans as the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel The Shining, will be opening a $24 million horror film center, according to Denver Business Journal. Well, if they can raise the money, that is. The hotel has applied for an $11.5 million credit through the State of Colorado’s Regional Tourism Act, a move meant to show that this could generate year-round revenue for the state by being the only film center of its kind.

Specifically, the 43,000 square foot facility would offer, “…a 500-seat auditorium; a 30,000 sq. ft., interactive museum and discovery center, featuring rotating exhibits such as The Walking Dead; a 3,000 sq. ft. soundstage; classrooms and workshop spaces; and cutting-edge post-production and editing suites.” [Source]

The founding members of the board include horror icons such as Elijah Wood, Simon Pegg, George A. Romero, Mick Garris, Josh Waller and Daniel Noah.

John Cullen, the owner of the Stanley Hotel, proclaimed, “At 109-years-old, the story of the Stanley Hotel is just beginning. The Stanley Film Center is my chance to give back to the millions of horror fans around the world who have supported Estes Park and the hotel for so many years.

In an official statement, Elijah Wood added, “I would love to have a home for which we could constantly come year-round and celebrate with other fans from around the world. There’s really no better place for there to be a permanent home for the celebration of horror as an art form than the Stanley Hotel. It was practically built for it.


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