Interview with 'The Shining's' Grady Twins!
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‘The Shining’s’ Grady Twins On How the Role Ruined Their Career; Debunk Rumors of Abuse…



The Shining

Sometimes starring in a horror film will ignite an actor’s career – see Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Bacon, and Johnny Depp, just to name a few – while there are times that it completely destroys it.

Linda Blair has always been vocal about how starring in The Exorcist made her acting career increasingly difficult. And while it’s hard to know if that’s the specific reason she couldn’t land roles post-Exorcist, it’s quite possible that she became typecast.

The Shining‘s famous Grady twins (Lisa and Louise Burns) suffered a similar fate, they claim in a new interview.

The twins recently attended a reunion of cast and crew for The Shining’s 35th anniversary in London where they revealed their dreams of becoming successful actresses were squashed when they were turned away by the prestigious acting academy, RADA (The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art), in London, writes The Daily Mail.

Louise had hopes of pursuing her acting career much further, but she lost her confidence.

‘When I was younger it was a huge dream of mine to be a movie star like Judy Garland or Greta Garbo, real movie stars.

‘I went to an audition for RADA and they said they couldn’t accept me because I’d been in the movie, that made me a professional actress and they didn’t accept professionals.

‘The woman wouldn’t even audition me and that was a huge knock for me, so I decided to be a scientist instead.’

Lisa agreed: ‘It was hard to get seen because of that. We would probably have had more luck if we’d just lied.’

There’s all sorts of goodies in the interview, such as the twins discussing what is was like to work the legendary Jack Nicholson, who they call “method.”

‘Jack was a big film star at the time but he never acted like a big film star and never had any tantrums or said, “I’m too big for this”, he really never ran the fame game at all,’ said Lisa.

‘We’d see Jack acting on set and he wasn’t anything like his character in reality.

‘For Jack, it was like putting on a mask. One minute he would be completely normal and then suddenly he would be Jack Torrance.

‘Jack is a brilliant method actor who is so comfortable with his own identity that he can afford to let it wash away.’

In addition, they address the age-old rumor that director Stanley Kubrick had treated star Shelley Duval so poorly that it affected her physically.

In the years since ‘The Shining’ was released bizarre stories about life on set have fueled rumors claiming actress Duvall was tormented so badly by Kubrick that her hair fell out and she became ill and lost weight, but Lisa and Louise disagree.

‘All those rumors were complete rubbish and totally unfounded. There’s been a theory that violence on screen meant violence on set, but we now know that is not true at all,’ says Lisa.

You’ll find the massive interview by clicking over here.

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