Rebel Movie Takes Four to AFM
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Alchemy Acquires ‘Overtime,’ ‘The Malevolent,’ ‘The Stacks’ and ‘Ravenous’



Nurse 3D Paz-de-la-Huerta

Alchemy – who is also releasing Rob Zombie’s 31 and Bernard Rose’s Frankenstein – nabbed a series of genre titles from Rebel Movie’s ‘Scare’ slate, Bloody Disgusting learned out of the ongoing AFM.

The titles include Overtime, The Malevolent, The Stacks and Ravenous, which were acquired for North American distro out of the market.

Robert Reid Altman’s Ravenous will star Tara Reid. In it, “When a young couple and their eight-year-old daughter move above their new restaurant on the outskirts of Chinatown, their renovations unleash a myriad of restless spirits, including the infamous “hungry ghosts”, and their only hope for salvation rests with an elderly Chinese woman and a renowned ghost hunter from Beijing.

Ouija‘s Ana Coto, pictured below, will star in Stacks, “Only a young co-ed – a work-study librarian — and a handful of others are still in the University library on the eve of spring break when she discovers the doors have chained shut and that someone, or something, is roaming below in the depths of the underground book stacks. At first she believes it’s her stalker ex-boyfriend trying to scare her… but then people start dying, one by one.

In The Malevolent, which stars Mischa Barton (Apartment 1303, Homecoming, The Sixth Sense) and Joaquim de Almeida, “After a near-fatal car accident confines him to his apartment, a lonely young man inadvertently summons a malevolent shape shifting demonic entity – one who has assumed the guise of a beautiful and seductive young woman.

Lastly, Nurse 3D‘s Paz De La Huerta, pictured above, stars in Overtime, “While working in what she believes is an empty office building, a young woman discovers that all of her co-workers have been murdered and she is the last intended victim of a spree killer — only she intends to get out alive, at any cost.


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