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What Happened When You Called Freddy Krueger’s Hotline?



Kids these days have Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and a plethora of other social media platforms to interact with movies.

But what did horror fans do in the 80’s and 90’s?

Scream was more socially relevant than you might recall, especially with Wes Craven behind the camera.

Craven’s A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise was so popular that a Freddy Krueger Hotline was launched (1-900-860-4-Fred; 1-900-909-Fred), which begged fans to call and take on Freddy in a trivia challenge.

With the recent passing of Craven, I started to reminisce on the Elm Street franchise, and recalled this insane hotline. It then dawned on me, I had never called and had no idea what would happen if I had. Then I realized, shit, YouTube has everything on it. After a quick search, I discovered videos of kids recording their calls to the hotline, as well as a series of TV Spots (thanks to lairofhorror for uploading).

Did anyone survive Freddy’s boiler room? In act, did anyone actually win an Elm Street role as promised in some of the promos?!

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