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We’re About to Get a ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s Novel



I’ve never gotten too invested in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series of indie horror games that made its debut barely over a year ago before quickly turning into a kind of bizarre cultural phenomenon where most of its fans watch others play it rather than play it themselves.

I’m familiar enough with these games to know there’s a depth to the seemingly shallow narrative, but I would not have guessed that there would be enough to fill the pages of a novel. Like, a real one, with hundreds of pages and everything. I’ll let series creator Scott Cawthon explain.

“I’ve been working alongside a professional writer for the last ten months crafting this story, and I’m very excited about the finished product,” writes Cawthon in a post on the game’s Steam forum. “It expands the mythos and reveals a human element never before seen in the games.”


The book is coming to the Amazon Kindle (as well as the Kindle app) on Dec 22, followed by a hardback release that’s expected sometime next year.

I’m not sure how the hardcover edition will perform with Five Nights fans, who seem to prefer to experience this series through a third party, but I suspect it will be a huge hit as an audiobook.

In related news, the next game in this series will be RPG spin-off titled Five Nights at Freddy’s World. It will feature the same cast of animatronic monstrosities, but it will not be a horror game.