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Have a Very Scary Christmas With the Steam Winter Sale



If you fancy sales as much as you do video games, then Valve has likely already used at least one of those things to enslave you so the Steam Machine can drain you of your life-sustaining cash monies. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one with an emaciated wallet and a backlog of games you purchased solely because they were too cheap.

Unfortunately, I am but a cog in the machine. This means I have to let you know that the Steam Winter Sale is live from now until Jan 4, otherwise Gabe will make me eat off the floor again.

Thousands of games get discounted in these seasonal Steam sales, so giving you a comprehensive rundown would be a Herculean task that I am not at all willing to commit to. Instead, I’ll share some helpful suggestions. For example, Killing Floor 2 is $20 right now. That’s pretty cool.

Using a machine gun to stab little holes in genetically engineered bioweapons is the very definition of fun, but what if you’re looking for a game that makes you question your very existence while it forces you to make morally questionable decisions that will either leave you feeling like you’re an awful human being or a genuine monster that’s undeserving of true love’s sweet caress? SOMA is willing to do that for the reasonable price of $22.49.

Too much? Fine, here are some zombie games that won’t lead you into an existential crisis.

About $15 will get you every episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, or you could vent your frustrations on those sweet, innocent ghouls in Dying Light ($20), State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition ($12), or in any of the Resident Evil games that are now 50-75% off.

If none of these deals have spoken to you then congrats on your godlike willpower, mutant scum. I’m sure you’re not at all interested in hearing about The Evil Within and its $9 price tag. All three of its DLC expansions are half-off, and you know they’re worth it since the first two were good enough to earn a spot among my top 5 horror games of 2015.

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